Book a BBQ

Let your friendly Gap View staff take care of all the prep work while you have fun with your family. Then enjoy a beer while you cook (my favourite job at the family BBQ)


  • Plates, serviettes, cutlery
  • Sauces, salt, pepper, bread and buns
  • Utensils, oil, instant gas BBQ's


What's can you order?

  • Beef starter pack for 2 - 4 people
  • Chicken, prawn and fish add ons
  • Big bowls of fresh salad


Bookings are essential

  • BBQs may be shared with 1 other
  • Bookings from 12pm - 6:30pm
  • Booking provide 30min of BBQ time


JJJ and Australia Day events

  • Booking close Friday 12pm 


Book Now

  • Download the form for reference
  • Fill it out and email back
  • or call/send an email with the details

Download the booking form

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